October 06, 2010


We fell in together easily, like sugar dissolving in sweet tea where he was sugar and I was tea.

Changed on a granular scale.

The emotion could not be captured on film.
Although attempted:
a gray-white blur with the faint out line of a single lace 
(the thread fraying about my vital organs, crossing schism to the cavity of his chest, entangling).

Falling Over Photographs

This past weekend, Jesse and I went to the mountains to take some photographs of the leaves changing. It seems strange to me that the idea of going to see the changing leaves was so novel to me seeing how I used to live in Bailey and always took it for granted. If there is something to be said about moving to a new place, it definitely makes you look at your old home in the most sentimental of ways. I want to take pictures of everything here before I go so that I can surround myself with the photos once I get to Berkeley. Perhaps doing that will make being there less difficult that I know it is going to be. Here a few of my favorite shots from the trip. Feel free to check out my Flickr to see the additional photographs.