May 23, 2011

Springing Sentiments.

Since it has been so long since I've posted anything, here are two new pieces. Expect more regular updates in the coming weeks.


Lanes and interstates are the brittle stitching
holding this patchwork of landscapes together.

Passing men standing as solemn as telephone poles is easy
when you realize they occur at regular intervals from
here to there.

The pulsations of tectonic movements keep the rhythm
echoing off mirages along the salt flats.
There are topographies here, patterned in these skins.

Foresight is collapsing scalable cities into
cardboard confines to carry with you.
White knuckles signify acceleration and this,
this is momentum.

Father donned hat and scarf, 
cashmere levee for aging epidermis, 
knotted by stubborn hands.
Crystals Fibonacci'd their way across panes
while an unsure step left fractured
ribs eclipsing concrete,
falling below zero.  
Doctors described internal fissures,
yielding purple abdominal blossoms.
Such concern over the flow of blood,
like your body is merely the arbiter 
and it moves you, as you move away.