June 22, 2011

A Little Something New


It starts with a phone call,
a cellular irregularity
   deep within
these definitive landscapes
   of histories
   and genomes.

Human isn’t a feeling
the indiscriminate hand,
   Nature’s own,
uncovers pictographs of warning
   on walls
   and inside.

Burying the unborn
in faint fleshy recesses
   cannot be
   like birth.

I've been neglecting my writing lately in favor of photography and some experimentation with video as well. A few weekends ago, I kept the new company camera with me and then made a short video about what 48 hours in the Mile High City (from my perspective) is like. Just a little insight I suppose.

Summer Shorts: 48 in the 5280 from Whitney Van Cleave on Vimeo.