March 28, 2011

Notes. Sounds. Sights.

Caley and I drove half way to Nevada last week trying to catch a glimpse of the mega  moon. Alas, California is playing Seattle these days and we never were able to see the sky for all the rain. I was bored in the passenger seat and playing with my new camera and this is what happened (note: don't watch if you get motion sick).
Keep Your Eyes Ahead from Whitney Van Cleave on Vimeo.

On another note, some working words about jazz and Nola.

Knowing that hands
meeting at this velocity
is the schism
of monolithic stones
into metered notes
                                            and where the vines swallow the swamp, an inhalation hazard.

Moving update: We have been approved for our second choice apartment and will know if we got our first choice later today! :)

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